How much is dinner in Paris? We’ll tell you where are good places to eat in the French capital. After all, Paris is always a good idea

If this is your first time in Paris, or your tenth time, or you have lost count of how many times you have visited the city… Paris is always a good idea! And besides all the architectural beauty of the city, the most charming cafes in the world, and the love for fashion in every corner, Paris is also a great option to enjoy a good meal!

So we created a list with 5 amazing restaurants in Paris for different occasions: 

  1. To have a nice place to eat
  2. To have a fancy experience
  3. To have a special dinner
  4. To have a romantic dinner
  5. To propose marriage 

1. A good dinner place in Paris: Substance

Location: 18 Rue de Chaillot, 75116 

Substance proposes a short and uncomplicated menu that favours short food supply chains and fine ingredients (turbot, bonito), with a modern and sophisticated cuisine. Here you’ll find French dishes, healthy and vegetarian options. Besides being tasty, the dishes are incredibly photogenic and you can check them out on Substance’s Instagram.

The restaurant is a 5-minute drive from the famous Champs-Élysées.

A good dinner place in Paris: Substance | Source: Google Maps

2. Get ready for a fancy Parisian dinner: Le Cinq

Location: 31 Avenue George V Four Seasons Hôtel George V, 75008

According to the Michelin guide’s point of view, “After the fabulous years at Ledoyen, Christian Le Squer is now at the helm of this renowned establishment. The majesty of the Grand Trianon inspired decor remains intact, waiters in uniform still perform their dizzying ballet, and the expertise of the chef does the rest, keeping the finest tradition alive”. The elegance and luxury of Le Cinq is as majestic as the taste of the dishes.

The restaurant is in the Four Seasons Hotel and a 5-minute drive from the Eiffel Tower.

Fancy parisian dinner: Le Cinq | Source: Google Maps

3. A special dinner in Paris: Il Etait Un Square

Location: 54 rue Corvisart, 75013

Hmmm, did you smell a hamburger? Il Etait Un Square offers burgers and tartars made from traditionally raised beef. The breads are 100% natural and organic seeds. The fries and mayonnaise are homemade, the ketchup is artisanal and French, special cheeses, and all the wines carefully selected. How about that?

The restaurant is a 7-minute drive from the Panthéon.

A special dinner in Paris: Il Etait Un Square | Source: Google Maps

4. To the lovers: Clover Grill

Location: 6 Rue Bailleul

Close to the Louvre Museum, in the Clover Grill you’ll find the best of beef: filet, prime rib or as a burger. But, the specialty is the French cuts from the Aquitaine and premium meats from Metzger butcher’s shop: Angus flank steak from Kansas and the Polish Noire de Baltique strip loin steaks aged over beech, unique for Paris. The atmosphere is divided into a dining area with dimmed lighting and a relaxed bar. Ideal to bring the husband or wife and enjoy a good time.

The restaurant is a short walk from the renowned Louvre Museum.

To the lovers: Clover Grill | Source: Google Maps

5. To propose marriage: Le Jules Verne

Location: Avenue Gustave Eiffel Eiffel Tower – 2nd floor

Have you ever thought of having dinner inside the Eiffel Tower? Well, it’s possible! Le Jules Verne offers a renowned experience of power, luxury, and elegance. Ideal for those who want to celebrate an important victory, a birthday, or propose a wedding. The main dishes include a variety of seafood. But be prepared: reservations must be made in advance. Prices may be higher for the rare experience of dining in one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

The restaurant is exactly at the Eiffel Tower and a 5-minute drive from the Champs-Élysées.

To propose marriage: Le Jules Verne | Source: Google Maps

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