Needing a break? Enjoy one of the 5 best beaches in Salvador, Bahia, including the famous Itapuã Beach and the Porto da Barra Beach.

Salvador has many qualities. From the traditional axé to acarajé to the beautiful beaches, this city definitely has a lot to offer to the tourists who visit it.

With sunny and hot days all year long, it’s easy to wish for a day at the beach when you arrive in Salvador. Even if it’s for a day, an afternoon by the sea cleanses and renovates the soul.

And there are beaches for all! If you’re wondering which one you should visit or if you’re visiting Salvador at all, this list will definitely convince you!

5 best beaches in Salvador, Brazil

1. Farol da Barra Beach

praia do farol da barra em salvador no fim da tarde

The Farol da Barra Beach will already be listed in many people’s itinerary, as it is located right next to Farol da Barra, a must-visit lighthouse and tourist attraction in Salvador. With that said, why not make a stop there if you’re just a few steps from the beach?

The view from this area is incredible. From the lighthouse you can see basically the whole beach, but it’s from the beach you can truly appreciate how beautiful this lighthouse is. Both points of view are worth the visit and great for pictures as well.

Beyond the beach and lighthouse, you can also enjoy a nice walk through the sidewalk and wrap up the day with a nice stop at the Bahia Naútico Museum or Museu Náutico da Bahia, in portuguese, located nearby.

2. Porto da Barra Beach

praia do porto da barra em salvador

The Porto da Barra Beach is less than a mile away from the Farol da Barra — and, if you’re rushing, you can even visit them both on the same day! With a little bit over 600 yards of beach, it can seem small, but has more than enough space to amaze whoever visits it.

This small and incredible beach has a calmer sea, which makes it more appropriate to families with kids and diving fans. And there’s more: the sunset from the beach is absolutely stunning, so plan ahead to visit Porto da Barra at the end of the day.

3. Itapuã Beach

vista aérea da praia de itapuã em salvador

The Itapuã Beach is located about 12.5 miles from downtown Salvador and it’s definitely worth the ride. Most of the way you’re right next to the coast, making it even more interesting.

In Itapuã you’ll find a beach decorated with palm trees and yet another incredible lighthouse. The sand invites you to a wonderful walk along the sea or the sidewalk where you can stop for refreshments at one of the many quiosks.

4. Stella Maris Beach

The Stella Maris Beach is located in a new neighborhood in Salvador, famous for its resorts and beach houses. It is very close to the Itapuã Beach, so you can totally visit both on the same day. 

This beach has a more agitated sea, great for surfers looking for the next wave.There are also beautiful areas where natural pools form when there’s a low tide, which also is great for families with little kids.

5. Piatã Beach

The Piatã beach is also located a little bit further from downtown Salvador. The palm trees don’t just make the views even more incredible, but also provide some shadow to rest and enjoy the day. 

Piatã Beach is very busy during the weekends, so we recommend you plan ahead and visit it during weekdays, if possible. There is also a wide sidewalk with more than enough space for walking and running with views to the sea. Nothing better, huh?

Which one of the incredible Salvador beaches is at the top of your list to visit? Pick one (or many) and tell us what you think!

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