If you’re wondering what is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find what the weather is like at different times of the year and what are the pros and cons of each one.

So you’ve already decided you’re going to Rio, but what is the best time to visit this incredible city? Every season has something special about it and some are more popular than others, so here’s what you need to know about every season to enjoy the best of Rio de Janeiro.

Visiting Rio de Janeiro from December to February — Enjoy the best of summer

Visiting Rio from December to February is considered the best choice by most people. Yes, it’ll be more crowded than ever, but it’ll visit Rio at its best. Just be sure to book everything many months in advance so you don’t miss on anything!

At this time of the year, the best thing is to enjoy the hot weather to hit the Brazilian beaches. It’s the official Beach Season for tourists and locals! New Year’s Eve is a must as well, as Rio’s bay light up with fireworks and crowds cheer and welcome the new year on the beach.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also have the opportunity to share the Brazilian Carnaval with the locals. It’s definitely an unique experience and something you should try to fit in your itinerary if you can.


  • Everything happens in Rio from December to February (with the exception of years when the famous Carnaval happens during the month of March).
  • Hottest months of the year (might be a con for some people), with temperatures sometimes hitting 100°F.
  • New Year’s Eve in Rio is absolutely amazing.


  • Crowded beaches.
  • Flights, hotels and more may be more expensive during summer.
  • Rainiest months (around 10 days per month).

March to May — A little bit of summer, a little less stress

If you can’t imagine yourself visiting crowded and expensive Rio de Janeiro during its peak season, you can definitely delay the trip a couple of months to avoid that. Going to Rio from March to May leaves a little bit of the stress of crowded places behind to welcome slightly lower temperatures and prices.

During this time, there’ll be enough heat to hit the beach, but not to melt. Particularly if you’re not used to high temperatures, this would be a much more pleasant experience. March is still very hot sometimes, so if you really want to avoid high temperatures you should probably go for May.


  • Less crowded and less expensive.
  • If you’re lucky, you can still enjoy Canaval in March (with the con of higher prices).
  • More pleasant temperatures.


  • Some days may be too cold for the beach.
  • Not as many events going on around town.

June to August — Winter, but not really

Winter in Rio is not really, really winter. Colder days do happen, but only very few of them. Moderate temperatures may be a pro or a con depending on your own personal taste, but the truth is the sun isn’t as hot, and so isn’t the sea.

On the other hand, at this time of year there are less rainy days and, even better, less fog around Rio de Janeiro. Two of the most incredible tourist attractions, Christ The Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, are very foggy sometimes, which unfortunately covers most of the view from up there.


  • Less rain and less fog around Christ The Redeemer and the Sugarloaf Mountain.
  • Moderate temperatures for those who don’t enjoy the heat as much.


  • Inflated prices (but not as much as during summer time), as Brazilian schools are on winter break in July.
  • Mild temperatures and colder sea water.

September to November — Spring at its best

Spring is definitely one of the best times to visit Rio de Janeiro. If you don’t mind missing huge events like the New Year’s and Carnaval, spring is the right time to enjoy the beach more freely with the advantage of hotels and day-trips costing less.

Generally, the temperatures are hot enough for the beach (and even more so in November) and there are less rainy days than summer. A win-win situation!


  • Not as expensive as summer, but with a summer feel.
  • Hot enough for the beach.


  • Not as much to do as summer.


There isn’t a right or wrong time to visit Rio de Janeiro, you just have to see what fits you best. Rio de Janeiro is a city of wonders at any time, but if you really want to see it at its peak, no matter de cons, go for summer and have the full experience.

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