November 25th is Black Friday, one of the biggest promotion events of the year. If you want to take advantage of discount prices for travel, this is the best time!

It’s coming! The official date of Black Friday is November 25th, but the event has become so big that, throughout the entire month, consumers can enjoy sweeping discounts and promotions.

Moreover, this is exactly the time of year when many people take the opportunity to anticipate Christmas shopping, finalize the last details of their vacations, or plan that family trip. And nothing better than to solve all this while saving money, right?

That’s why Rentcars has prepared a series of tips for you to get ready in advance and not miss any offer! We know that all savings when planning a trip are very welcome and we’re here to help you.

1. Research your itinerary before Black Friday

Avoid leaving it to the last minute  to choose your destination because, during Black Friday, many companies choose to have their best deals and discounts available only for a limited time or only for a limited number of customers.

Since there is no way of knowing which destinations will be included in the promotions, our tip is to choose two or three places that you would really like to visit and list them in order of preference. Then, in November, the month of Black Friday, you can choose the one that presents the best cost-benefit for you.

2. Write down everything you need for the trip


Those who think that air tickets and a place to stay are enough to travel are mistaken. In fact, you need to think about transportation, travel insurance, health regulations, tour tickets, and even the suitcases themselves.

Therefore, it’s good to make a list of everything you’ll use on your next trip and that you would like to buy at a discount on Black Friday. Start off by making your list and then follow the next step.

3. Research prices before Black Friday

It seems strange to have to research prices when, in reality, we’re already buying on Black Friday, right? Contrary to what you may be thinking, researching normal (off-promotion) prices before Black Friday is essential. 

Plus, when you research, you can already bookmark your favorite sites so you don’t waste time on Black Friday and are able to take advantage of the best deals first!

4. Stay alert and sign up for newsletters

Mulher Compras Pesquisa Compare Rentday

One thing that makes it easier for you to organize yourself on Black Friday is to receive a selection of the best discounts via email! And this, of course, all retail companies do, especially during November.

In case you still don’t know if the company you’re interested in buying something from is going to participate in Black Friday, look up if this special day happened last year. Many stores make available exclusive Black Friday pages. In other words, if you find a Rentcars’ Black Friday page, that means that for sure, the year’s best discounts are coming!

5. Save money on car rentals!

We know that renting a car can make your trip a lot easier, because besides the comfort and privacy of being able to use your own vehicle without depending on public transportation or spending a little extra with ride-hailing apps, you gain the freedom of being able to do what you like at your own pace!

Carro Homem Viagem

The best part: renting a car can lower your trip’s costs! Do the math: how many kilometers will you drive per day? How many people will be traveling with you? For how many days will you need transportation?

Do these simulations on our website to get an idea of how much you’d save by renting a car. Often when you are traveling with many people, public transportation is not worth it. In the same sense, if you’re planning to travel many kilometers or make many stops along the way, a cab or car-hailing service can turn out to be much more expensive than a renting your own car.

Extra Tip

If you are going to use the car for many days, renting can be even more advantageous! This is because a week-long rental, for example, can present much  cheaper rates than shorter rentals. Be aware: in many situations, renting a car for 4 days or for 7 days may cost almost the same.

Rent Friday!

Enjoy Rentcars’ Black Friday and save a ton of money on your car rental! Keep an eye on our website and sign up for our newsletters to receive our best offers first hand!

So, are you ready to enjoy Rentcars’ Black Friday and book your next trip for the best price?

Explore the world by car!

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