Have you noticed car rental rates are always changing? Today we’ll explain how this actually works in order to help you find the best rates possible!

Do Car Rental Prices Change?

Dynamic rates may seem unusual for everyday shopping, but they are standard in the travel sector. Airlines, hotels, and car rental suppliers use these rates to regulate the offer.

How Often Do Car Rental Prices Change?

Car rental prices change frequently, based on factors such as car availability, demand, and seasonality. . During peak season, car rental companies adjust the  rates to adapt to the high demand and increase revenue.

During the off season, when demand is lower, companies may lower their rates to attract customers and keep their businesses going. This is common practice among airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other businesses in the tourism industry.

How Does The Car Rental Pricing Work?

As dynamic rates vary according to demand, the sooner you are able to confirm your car rental booking, the better.

If the car rental company has a full parking lot, which means the demand is low for that period, the rates will most likely be cheaper.This happens in real time, so as soon as bookings start coming, rates are updated accordingly.

Why Do Prices Change So Much?

Think of airlines: during the holidays, there are fewer seats available, which will automatically increase ticket prices. If you are trying to fly somewhere the next day, you already know you’re going to pay a higher price for it.

Do The Prices Of Insurance And Other Fees Change Too?

Worried about insurance and extra fees making a dent in your budget? Well, don’t worry! Here’s a smart move you can make: compare prices from different companies with the Rentcars app, and consider third-party rental car insurance for better deals.

By the way, Rentcars always offers the best rates on car rentals worldwide. So, when you’re looking for savings, they’re your trusted sidekick.

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What Day Of The Week Is The Best Time To Rent A Car?

Finding the best dates to rent a car is all about timing. Here are some tips on when to book a rental car and keep your wallet happy.

Major Airport Or Big City

If you’re in a major airport or a big city, Tuesday and Wednesday are your golden days. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about demand. These days tend to be quieter on the car rental front compared to the weekend or manic Mondays. As a result, rental companies often offer better prices during these midweek moments.

Smaller Airport Or Cities

Now, if you’re traveling to a place that isn’t as popular, or landing at a smaller airport, the day you rent becomes less of an issue. Demand isn’t as high in these spots, so there’s less of a price rush. However, booking ahead still pays off – especially when you’re cruising through these areas during peak travel times.

When’s The Best Time To Book Your Rental Car?

The best time to book your rental car is typically 2-6 months in advance. This is because rental car companies offer the best rates for early bookings. As the date of your rental gets closer, prices may go up, especially if there is high demand.

Does Rental Car Pick Up Time Matter?

Yes, the pick up time matters, especially if you are renting a car at a popular location during peak travel season. If you need a rental car at the last minute, you may have to pay a higher price or you may not be able to get the type of car you want.

What If You Need A Rental Car At The Last Minute?

Suppose you are planning a trip to Orlando, Florida, and you need to rent a car at the last minute. You can go to the Rentcars website and enter your travel dates and location. Rentcars will then show you a list of available cars from different rental companies, along with the prices. You can compare prices and choose the car that best meets your needs and budget.

Once you have chosen a car, you can book your reservation online. You will not be charged upfront, and you can cancel your reservation for free if you need to. When you arrive at your location, you can pick up your car from the rental company’s location.

How To Get The Best Price For A Rental Car?

Having so many rental options available worldwide, how to be sure you are closing the best deal possible? Rentcars is perfect for customers who want the best car option for their trip, for the best deal.

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In one place, you can choose the date and place for pick-up, you’ll compare deals from more than 100 car rental companies in 160 countries. You can also compare car categories, extended protection options, accessories, upgrades, and much more.

Rentcars will have your car booked without any hidden fees, no prepayment required, and with the best deals.

Now that you already know how to find the best deals for car rentals, don’t waste another minute and book your next experience!

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