Have you noticed car rental rates are always changing? Today we’ll explain how this actually works in order to help you find the best rates possible!

It seems like something unusual for everyday shoppers, but dynamic rates are something very common for those who like to travel. Just like airlines or hospitality companies, car rental suppliers also take hand of dynamic rates to regulate their offerings.

In short, this means rental prices are going to vary according to car availability and demand. During high season, for instance, car rental companies expect the demand to rise, adjusting rates to follow this trend and, ultimately, increasing its revenue.

In that way, during times of lower demand, they can still lower their margins and drive a profit, keeping their businesses going. This is a pretty common behavior among airlines, hotels, car rental companies, or any business providing services within the tourism market.

The sooner you book your rental car, the better

As dynamic rates vary according to demand, the sooner you are able to confirm your car rental booking, the better.

Keep in mind that if the car rental companies have a full parking lot of cars in a specific period, the cheaper your rate will be, and this is updated in real time (explaining why the rate is called dynamic). As soon as bookings start to come, rates are updated accordingly.

Think of airlines: during the holidays, there are fewer seats available, which will automatically increase ticket prices. If you are trying to fly somewhere the next day, you already know you’re going to pay a higher price for it.

Making the best decision by comparison

Having so many rental options available worldwide, how to be sure you are closing the best deal possible? Rentcars.com is perfect for savings-savvy customers who want the best car option for their trip.

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Rentcars.com will have your car booked without any hidden fees, no prepayment required, and with the best guaranteed deals.

Save money on your next car rental trip!

Now that you already know how to find the best deals for car rentals, don’t waste any minute longer and book your next experience!

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