Want to bring your buddy along on your trip? No one wants to be left behind! See which car rental companies allow pets like dogs and cats and tips to travel with pets in rental cars.

It’s time to hit the road, but our beloved pets can’t be left behind!

If you’re travelling with your family and planning to bring your dog or cat along, know which rental companies allow pets and tips for travelling with your best friends.

Do car rental companies allow pets?

Yes! In the past, it was less common for car rental companies to allow pets, but as demand grew, they realized we all treat pets as part of the family, and it’s only fair that they come along on weekend trips.

Even if most of the time rental companies are pet-friendly, make sure you let them know in advance so they can explain the pet-friendly policies. If you have any doubts, this is also the best time to ask them.

Which rental car companies allow pets?

Most car rental companies allow pets in rental cars. They just require you to return the car clean, free of pet hair and smells to avoid a cleaning fee (and that can be quite expensive).

Here’s what each one of them require for you to bring your dog or cat along:

1. Enterprise

Enterprise states on their website that they are pet friendly and ask customers to keep their pets in crates. Upon return, the rental car must be clean and free of pet hair to avoid any extra fees.

In the case of service animals, it is allowed to carry them without a carrier.

2. Alamo

Alamo allows pets inside their rental cars as long as they are safely crated. They also ask their customers to keep the car clean, so there are no dog or cat hairs lying around.

3. Budget

Pets are allowed inside the rental car with no extra fees, but you’ll be charged if anything happens to the car because of your pet or if the car is returned unclean because of shedding or other eventual accidents.

Budget also states on their website that even service animals owners have to pay attention to this rule, as they are not an exception. To avoid fees, always be sure to return the car as clean as when you picked it up!

4. Avis

Pets are allowed on a location to location basis, so you have to contact the specific location where you want to pick up your rental car to check. If they allow it, you have to, of course, return the car as clean as you got it, free of pet hair and smells.

5. National

National also allows pets inside of cars rented by their locations as long as they are carried inside a crate — the only exception to this being service animals.

They also require their customers to return the car in a clean condition to avoid any extra fees.

Tips for travelling with pets in rental cars

Other than a crate, as it is required by some rental companies, cats and dogs need much more to travel safely and comfortably. Here are some tips to make their journey (and yours) even better.

Get them used to it

First of all, has your pet been on the road with you before? Newbies to this activity might find it very stressful, so it’s recommended you take your pet for shorter rides before a long one, just to they get used to the environment and the movement of the car.

Prep a place they can feel safe + things to avoid getting the car dirty

If you’re planning on travelling with your pet inside a crate, remember that it has to be big enough for them to stay in it for a long period of time. Beyond that, it’s always good to place some familiar items inside, such as a pillow or a blanked and toys.

If you’re letting them be free inside the car, be sure to cover the area where they’ll be most of time (the backseat, for example) with a seat cover, a big blanket or something similar that’ll cover, if not all, most of the seat. This will also keep the pet hairs at bay.

Groom in advance

A fresh and clean dog or cat will shed less hair and leave no smell behind. This will definitely be a great investment against a potential extra fee. If you want to go the extra mile, vacuuming the car before returning it is a good option as well.

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