As Covid vaccination progresses, travel planning for the end of 2021 has skyrocketed

It seems that the world as we knew it before is slowly returning to normality. Vaccination against Covid-19 continues to advance in New York with 59.5% of the entire population now fully vaccinated.

The advance reflected in the increase in car reservations for trips scheduled for the end of the year or early 2022. Because of this, on certain dates, such as long holidays or weekends, try to rent in advance.

“We’ll have an even greater unavailability of cars in several locations precisely because of the opening of the borders that allow travel to major destinations such as the United States, Europe, Brazil and Mexico. Therefore, we encourage clients to make their reservations as early as possible so that they can get vehicle at a more economical rate”, says the director of Global Partnerships at Rentcars, Vivian Almeida.

As travel planning for the end of 2021 has skyrocketed, the ideal is for travelers to make their reservations in advance to avoid inconveniences and pay attention to all safety measures. There’s nothing better than traveling safely and in comfort, right?

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Besides choosing your vaccine outfit, take the opportunity to decide which car to rent and finally get to make that dream trip come true!

How to rent a car: a step-by-step guide 

1. Select your date, time and location: choose your destination, date and time of pick-up. Remember you can pick-up and drop-off the rental car at different locations if you want to! This is called one-way car rental and you can check out how that works here.

2. Choose the rental category: with that info, we’ll look for the best car rental options available. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs!

3. Confirm the booking information: don’t forget to check the booking details for your rental! Make sure this is the right category, your preferred rental company and that you have added the insurance and optional items you need. If you have questions about car rental insurance, here’s a good resource you can check out!

4. Fill in your personal information: the next part is simple: just add your information so we can confirm the car rental booking with the provider. After this, if you’ve chosen the online payment method, you’ll be redirected to the payment page. Now, if you’ve chosen to pay directly at the counter (pay at destination), you’re good to go!

5. Get ready for pick up: in order to pick the rental car, you must present the voucher at the counter, so don’t forget to print it in advance.

If you have any doubts about how that works, don’t forget to read our tips on picking up and dropping off your rental!

See? It’s easy and fast! Choose the perfect car for your trip, book in advance, and enjoy your trip without worries.

Attention! All efforts were made to validade the information published in this blog at the moment they were written, however, does not take responsibility for inaccuracies or future adjustments that can happen as a result of different offers and conditions. The posts here published, as well as the eventual comments from its readers, are merely informative and it is the client's duty to confirm with and/or suppliers any content that may affect their vacation plans.

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