Want to rent a car for someone else? It’s not always easy, but there’s one way you can make it work!

Whether you want to rent a car as a gift for someone else or for another employee at work, you may find yourself wondering how to do it or if it is even possible. And the answer is far from obvious.

That is because you technically can’t rent a car in your name if someone else is going to pick it up and drive it around. Car rental companies ask that whoever makes the reservation is the person to pick it up because that is the person whose name will be in the rental agreement, which is a legal document.

And we get it. Cars are expensive and they need to know exactly who’s behind the wheel. And if your name isn’t in the rental agreement, things start to get very complicated as not even the insurance you added to your booking will be valid.

As you can see, this doesn’t only serve as protection to the rental company, but also to you. We don’t want anything other than amazing things to happen when you rent a car, so here’s exactly what you have to do.

How to rent a car for someone else

Add the other person as an additional driver

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to get someone driving the rental car other than you, the person making the reservation.

As the main driver, you still have some obligations: you will have to be present to pick-up the car, sign the car rental agreement and it’s also your credit card that will be used for the security deposit. Technically, you’ll be the “primary driver”, but you don’t have to drive at all if you don’t want to.

As an additional driver, the other person will be able to drive the car with no restrictions and no problems at all, as their name will be in the car rental agreement as well. As long as the additional driver is old enough to rent a car and has all the documentation needed, you’re good to go.

Additional driver fee

Please note that an additional driver fee may be charged by the rental company. This doesn’t happen all of the time, but most of the time.

add driver to reservation rentcars.com

The fee varies depending on the rental company, where you’ll be picking up and returning the car, the car rental category and more, so we suggest you do your research to find the best offer!

Renting a car for someone else online

You can, of course, rent a car for someone else online if you have their info. At Rentcars.com you will need to fill in their name, phone number, date of birth and email address.

FAQ about Renting a Car for Someone Else

Can I rent a car for someone else?

No, you can’t rent a car in your name for someone else to pick it up. You can, however, make a reservation in your name and add someone else as an additional driver.

Can I pay for a rental car for someone else?

At Rentcars.com you can pay for someone else’s car rental reservation when you choose to pay online, but the actual main or primary driver, who signs the car rental agreement, will have to present a credit card for the security deposit in their name.

If you choose to pay at the destination, the credit card used for the payment has to be the same as the one used for the security deposit, so you won’t be able to pay for them.

How can I add an additional driver?

You can add an additional driver when making your reservation at Rentcars.com or directly at the car rental counter. Just select the “additional driver” option under the add-ons (when available).

Attention! All efforts were made to validade the information published in this blog at the moment they were written, however, Rentcars.com does not take responsibility for inaccuracies or future adjustments that can happen as a result of different offers and conditions. The posts here published, as well as the eventual comments from its readers, are merely informative and it is the client's duty to confirm with Rentcars.com and/or suppliers any content that may affect their vacation plans.

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  1. Normally when you rent a car, you can call your own insurance company and transfer your insurance onto the rented car for the specified amount of time your renting it.

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