The Rentcars Customer Choice Awards is an annual award that recognizes exceptional service from national and international car rental companies. The ranking is based on the evaluations of Rentcars customers, who score in categories such as: vehicle condition, store facilities and customer service.

RCCA Winning Car Rentals

With much joy and prestige, in February 2022, we celebrate the big winners of the 2ᵃ edition of the award. The below rental companies received scores higher than 9 by Rentcars customers in one or more locations. Check out:

  • Alamo (46 winning locations)
  • AlternativaCar (1 winning location)
  • Alugue Brasil (1 winning location)
  • ASA (1 winning location)
  • Budget (1 winning location)
  • Cael (2 winning locations)
  • Centauro (1 winning location)
  • Chilean (2 winning locations)
  • Dollar (1 winning location)
  • Ecodrive (1 winning location)
  • Econorent (1 winning location)
  • Enterprise (10 winning locations)
  • Europcar (4 winning locations)
  • Foco (4 winning locations)
  • Gold (1 winning location)
  • Guerin (5 winning locations)
  • Hertz (4 winning locations)
  • Keddy (1 winning location)
  • Localiza (85 winning locations)
  • LocarX (1 winning location)
  • Lotus (1 winning location)
  • Maxirent (1 winning location)
  • Mex (1 winning location)
  • Movami (1 winning location)
  • Movida (62 winning locations)
  • National (2 winning locations)
  • Rental Plus (3 winning locations)
  • Rhodium (1 winning location)
  • SDA (1 winning location)
  • Sixt (5 winning locations)
  • Turisprime (1 winning location)
  • Unidas (63 winning locations)
  • Viaggiare (1 winning location)
  • Vip Service (1 winning location)

Understand how the award works

To recognize all the effort and dedication of Rentcars’ partner companies, in Brazil and all over the world, this award was created to formalize and honor those who deliver much more than a service: they are partners who deliver attention, respect, credibility, professionalism and, most of all, an excellent car rental experience.

Therefore, besides the trophy that represents a unique service, the winning Rentcars Customer Choice Awards will receive an exclusive stamp on Rentcars website. This way, when clients search for destinations and dates, they’ll be able to see, among all the options, the rental companies that were the best evaluated in 2021.

How can I participate?

The rental companies will be able to participate when they have a rating higher than 9 on and have at least 5 Rentcars customer reviews.

How is the rating score calculated?

The rating score is based on the average score of all customer reviews published on the Rentcars website and app between December 2020 to December 2021. 

How is each evaluation score generated?

At the end of the rental contract, customers evaluate their experience at the rental company by applying a score from 0 to 10. Then, the customer can distribute grades from 0 to 10 for specific requirements, such as: vehicle condition, store facility, and store service.

How will the prizes be awarded?

Starting this year, all prizes will be digital. This means that you don’t have to wait to receive your prize, it’ll all be by email! In addition, we’ll include a link to download the complete digital kit. 

The digital kit includes a letter from Rentcars CEO Francisco Millarch, a special congratulatory video, a shareable digital award, two printable awards, a pack of social media pieces, a digital sticker, and tips on how to share the news of your achievement. The download is available until March, 2022.

What is Rentcars’ part in the calculation of the score?

The ratings posted online refer to reviews conducted within the last 365 days, with more recent ratings given greater weight than older ratings. The individual scores reflect the experiences the clients have had and contribute exclusively to the evaluation score of each rental company.

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