You have probably wondered if Rentcars is a legit car rental company, right? Then we’ll tell you!

Rentcars is one of the largest car rental platforms in the world and one of the global leaders in the segment. You can compare prices and car rental options among hundreds of car rental companies worldwide. 


The company was founded in 2009 with the mission to offer the best car rental options, focusing on on delivering excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Rentcars also offers the best prices, with promotions and exclusive discounts throughout the year! Those who book through the platform can save up to 30% on the car rental rate.

If you are worried about support, Rentcars is one of the best rated companies on Trustpilot, with a score of 4.7/5 from over 70,000 reviews, proving the excellent service standards  and assuring quality throughout the experience!

So, yes: Rentcars is reliable! 

Now that you know, you can book your car without fear through Rentcars. It’s time to write down some tips to get your car rental right! But if you still have doubts, check out more  questions and answers in our FAQs. 

5 tips to rent a car at Rentcars:

  1. Always book your car in advance;
  2. Schedule your pick up time and don’t be late;
  3. Always have your documents at hand;
  4. Do the inspection of the car and ask questions;
  5. Enjoy the rental car and feel free!
Banner with extra tip text: compare prices and rent a car in one place with a link that takes you to Rentcars car rental website.

Explore the world by car!

Rentcars is the practical way to rent your car. You compare the best car rental companies and choose the best option for you, within your budget and what is best for your trip. Book your reservation on the largest car rental platform and enjoy your trip!

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