The beaches in Rio de Janeiro, and in Brazil in general, are incredibly famous for being the most beautiful in the world.

When you land in Rio, there’s truly something that sets it apart from other summer destinations. There’s something in the air and something about the hospitality of the brazilian people that make Rio de Janeiro’s beaches so inviting!

Best Rio de Janeiro Beaches

Ready to dip your toes into the warm waters of Rio’s incredible beaches? Here’s a list of the top 10 best beaches in Rio de Janeiro!

1. Ipanema Beach

ipanema beach in rio de janeiro brazil

Of course, we couldn’t leave Ipanema out of this list. It’s one of the most famous beaches in the world and there you’ll find tourists, locals, families and friends. 

When you’re there, don’t forget to try “mate”, a tea which has lots of caffeine and has almost the color of a black tea — a great cold beverage to ease the high average temperatures of Rio de Janeiro.

2. Arpoador Beach

arpoador beach in rio de janeiro

Arpoador is mostly known by its amazing view of Rio’s sunset. When the sun starts setting, dozens of people gather to appreciate it. Definitely a must do when going to Rio de Janeiro! 

The beach itself is located right next to Ipanema, so we recommend visiting Ipanema and then going Arpoador for the sunset. It’s quite small in size, but the sea is calm and much cleaner than in other beaches in central Rio.

3. Vermelha Beach

The Praia Vermelha is very easy to get to because it is located right next to one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rio: the Sugarloaf Mountain. Just a few steps from the entrance and you’ll be standing on the sidewalk that leads to the beach.

The Vermelha Beach is also small and it has a very, very calm sea — perfect for families with kids.

4. Barra da Tijuca Beach

aerial view of barra da tijuca rio de janeiro

The Barra da Tijuca beach is located in the well-know neighborhood of the same name, where you’ll find much more infrastructure than in the beaches we mentioned before. Barra da Tijuca is well developed, and you can stay a whole day there between the beach, drinks in kiosks and shopping centers nearby.

Barra da Tijuca is also the biggest in extension in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with more than 11 miles of fine sand for you to walk around. This one is also a surfist favorite and it can be quite busy on weekends.

5. Prainha

parinha in rio de janeiro view from between vegetation

Prainha is kind of a long way from Rio’s downtown, but don’t let a few miles get in the way of an amazing experience. Yes, it takes about an hour to get there, but there’s good enough reason that Prainha is a local favorite.

With less than 150 meters of extension, it is quite small and known from its proximity to nature. Atlantic Forest completely surrounds it, making it a bit harder to get to (no public transportation and limited parking spots), but it’s well worth it.

6. Grumari Beach

Grumari is located just 1.8 mile from Prainha, in the same preserved area, and you should totally visit both. Make the most of your trip!

Grumari is also surrounded by nature and mountains, but has a different feel to it. Being much bigger and having a generally agitated sea, it’s perfect for surfing. Nature, sunlight and the beautiful blue sea in front of you, that’s all you need, right?

7. Lopes Mendes’ Beach

lopes mendes beach in ilha grande angra dos reis

Lopes Mendes is located in Ilha Grande, in Angra dos Reis. For those who wanted to visit the famous northeast region, very famous for being the “Brazilian Caribbean”, Lopes Mendes will give you just that experience. 

This one’s for people who are ready for adventure. To get to the beach you have to either walk about two and a half hours through a trail or get a boat from other parts of the island, like Vila do Abraão. 

8. Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia

pontal do atalaia rio de janeiro

When you arrive at Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, you have the impression of being in a truly special place. The sand is so white and pure it’s hard to explain what it feels like, the sea so incredibly blue you have to see it for yourself.

Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia is located nearby Farol, so you’ll be able to visit both on the same day!

9. Caxadaço Beach

caxadaco beach in ilha grande rio de janeiro

The Praia do Caxadaço is also located in Ilha Grande and it’s surrounded by rocks and mountains, making it very calm and peaceful.

There we recommend you take a boat ride to truly grasp the beauty of the region from a distance. To visit the beach, you’ll also have to get a boat from Vila do Abraão or a complete tour that lasts all day and will take you through the most beautiful views in the island.

10. Praia do Farol

The Praia do Farol was elected the second most beautiful in Brazil by TripAdvisor. As soon as you get there, you’ll understand exactly why. 

Farol is located in Arraial do Cabo, about 100 miles from Rio de Janeiro. We know it seems like a long trip, but there’s a lot to do along the way, like visiting the famous Região dos Lagos. The access to the beach is restricted and you’ll only be able to stay about 45 minutes, so make the most of it!

Packed and ready to go? You can count on anytime you need a car rental. Some beaches in Rio Janeiro may be kinda hard to get to, but a car will make the trip that much easy and enjoyable!

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