The best travel bucket list experience in the USA is road trips. From deserts to mountains, from mountains to beaches. Find the perfect route for you

Pack your bags and hit the road! The United States offers many options of road trips across the country with wonderful landscapes and amazing places to visit. But first, here are some tips to make your road trip in the United States as safe and comfortable as possible!

Crossing the country requires time, after all it is a huge distance. So make sure you rent a good car, with enough miles and adequate space to make everyone who travels with you comfortable. Also, read carefully the rules for returning the car and the insurance available in your rental. Rentcars compares prices from over 200 rental companies around the world and you can choose the best option for your budget!

Another important point to note is that on the road, especially on some routes in the United States, it may take a while to find any shops or gas stations. So fill up your gas tank and buy some meals that are easy to eat in the car.

If you plan to continue your trip through Canada or Mexico, also check the requirements for crossing the border. This information you can confirm directly with your chosen rental company.

Now, let’s get down to business: the best routes for a roadtrip across the USA!

1. Route 66

Route 66 United States

Who doesn’t know Route 66? One of the most famous in the world, which has even been the inspiration for many songs and movies. Starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica, Route 66 passes through 9 states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Along the way, you can stay in motels and dine in kitschy 1950s restaurants that hark back to an America of the past! As well as seeing some roadside attractions like the Catoosa Whale, Cadillac Ranch, and Twin Arrows. But if you want to enjoy nature, you can visit the Grand Canyon or Petrified Forrest National Park.

Some must-see Route 66 stops:

  • Chicago
  • St. Louis
  • Amarillo
  • Calico Ghost Town
  • Grand Canyon
  • Laughlin
  • Santa Monica Pier

The most popular is to start in Chicago and end in Santa Monica, California. But, you can do it your way! Just keep an eye on your GPS and plan at least 2 weeks for this adventure.

2. Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast United States

Here is a classic road trip along the California coast! Live a surreal experience among mountains and face to face with the Pacific Ocean. This amazing road trip follows the wonderful forests of Western Washington to the most beautiful beaches of Southern California, where you can drive for miles and miles and have the scenery all to yourself.

The 500+ mile long trip requires at least 3 days of driving. Organize your route, choose the places you want to stop and enjoy the best that this route can offer. Some nice cities to include in your itinerary, besides San Francisco and Los Angeles, are Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey, San Simeon and Santa Barbara.

Some not-to-be-missed spots are:

  • Olympic National Park, Washington 
  • Astoria & Fort Clatsop, Oregon  
  • Mendocino, Califórnia 
  • San Francisco, Califórnia 
  • Monterey, Califórnia 
  • San Simeon, Califórnia
  • San Luis Obispo, Califórnia
  • Los Angeles, Califórnia
  • San Diego, Califórnia 

One very important tip: be prepared because some stretches can last 40 miles without a single stop at a restroom or gas station.

3. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue-Ridge-Parkway United States

How about an unforgettable road trip? Drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the speed limit is at a comfortable 45 miles per hour and commercial vehicles are strictly prohibited.

Enjoy through the Appalachian Mountains, the 470 miles that run through Virginia and North Carolina. In addition, you can go hiking, picnicking, see some cultural exhibits, and have access to impressive views of the mountains in the region.

If you would like to take impressive pictures, you should travel during the fall season, when the landscape is full of colorful and fascinating leaves. Take at least 2 weeks to complete this journey.

Some not-to-be-missed spots are:

  • Mount Pisgah, North Carolina
  • Shenandoah, Virginia
  • Great Smoky Mountains, between North Carolina and Tennessee
  • Atlanta, Georgia

Experience United States by car!

This will make it easy to get to these beautiful and historical road trips in United States! Compare prices from over 200 car rental companies around the world and book a car with the best price and conditions.

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