How do you feel about travelling on a discount? Well, get ready to plan your trip and save money this Black Friday!

Black Friday is coming! It’s at this time of the year that many people take the opportunity to buy their most-desired products with super discounts. Get a jump on your Christmas shopping and, of course, plan your next trip while saving a lot of money!

With that in mind, Rentcars has prepared a bunch of tips for you to start preparing and not miss a thing. We know that every little bit counts when planning a trip, so we‘re here to help you on your way!

1. Do your homework before Black Friday

Avoid leaving to choose your destination at the last minute. During Black Friday, many companies choose to leave discounts available for a limited time or only for a certain number of customers, so you’ll want to plan ahead to not miss out on the best deals.

Choosing your destination on the day of Black Friday can be dangerous precisely because you can miss great opportunities.

Since there is no way of knowing which destinations will be on discount, our tip to you is to choose two or three places that you would really like to visit and list them in order of preference. Then, come Black Friday, you can easily choose the one with the best cost-benefit ratio to be your next destination.

2. Go over what you’ll need for the trip

Planejamento de Viagens

Those who think that plane tickets and a place to stay are enough to travel are in for a surprise. In fact, it’s also necessary to think about transportation, travel insurance, health regulations, tour tickets, and even the suitcases themselves.

That’s why it’s good to make a list of everything you’ll use on your next trip and would like to buy at a discount on Black Friday.

That done, let’s move on to the next step.

3. Research prices before Black Friday

It seems strange to have to research prices when, in reality, we’re only planning to buy on Black Friday, right? Contrary to what you may be thinking, researching normal (off-promotion) prices before Black Friday is essential. 

Plus, when you do your research, you can also already bookmark your favorite sites so you don’t waste time on Black Friday Day and are able to make the most of all the best deals first!

4. Stay tuned and sign up for newsletters

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One thing that makes it easier for you to get organized on Black Friday is to set yourself to receive a selection of the day’s best discounts by email! And this, of course, all retail companies do, especially during this sales period.

In case you still don’t know, if the company you want is going to take part in Black Friday, look up if this special day happened last year. Many stores have exclusive Black Friday pages, just like Rentcars’ Black Friday, which means that discounts are sure to come!

5. Save money on car rentals!

Ah, our darling! Everyone knows that renting a car can make your trip a lot easier. Besides the comfort and privacy of being able to use your own vehicle without having to depend on public transportation or spending extra on ride-hailing apps, you gain the freedom of being able to do your own thing, at your own pace!

Black Friday

And the best part: renting a car can lower your trip costs! Do the math: how many miles will you drive per day? How many people will be traveling with you? For how many days will you need transportation?

Run  this simulation on our website to get an idea. Often when you are traveling with several people, public transportation can run a hefty bill. At the same time, if you need to travel long distances or make several stops, a cab or a ride-hailing service can easily become more expensive than a daily rental car.

And here goes a special tip: if you are going to use the car for several days, renting can be even more advantageous! This is because a week’s rental, for example, can run at a cheaper rate then renting by the day. In other words, in many cases, renting a car for 4 days or for 7 days can cost just about the same.

Black Friday

Take advantage of Rentcars’ Black Friday to save a lot of money on your car rental! Keep an eye on our website and subscribe to receive our best deals first-hand by e-mail!

Are you ready to take advantage of Rentcars’ Black Friday and start traveling?

If you have more tips and want to help other travelers who visit RentBlog, tell us a little bit about your experience with buying tickets, booking hotels, renting cars, etc. here in the comments. Happy shopping and have a nice trip!

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