Driving from US to Canada is an experience of a lifetime. Find out the essentials for your next Canadian road trip and get ready for it!

Canadian law requires proof of citizenship and identity. U.S. citizens can use their passport or NEXUS card.

Does US citizen need passport to go to Canada?

Besides the identity documentation, you'll need proof of insurance. The visa is only needed if your visit extends beyond tourism.

What do i need to cross the canadian border?

For your family adventure in Canada, your kid won't need a passport. However, it's essential to have a birth certificate, to check age and identity.

Do kids need a passport to go to Canada?

Yes, a valid US driver's license usually allows you to drive in Canada. Ensure it remains valid, and carry proof of insurance during your trip.

Can i drive in Canada with a U.S. license?

Crossing into Canada doesn't have to be daunting. It is quite the opposite: get ready for the scenic beauty, cultural exploration and wildlife encounters!

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