Want to rent a car soon? Read to know what is RentalCover, how it works and what is the difference between insurances offered by rental companies and RentalCover to make the best informed decision!

If you’re planning to rent a car in the near future, you’ll probably be faced with the option to add a car rental insurance to your booking. While those options will more commonly come from the rental companies themselves, you can also choose to buy insurance from RentalCover.

How does RentalCover work?

RentalCover works just like any other reimbursable insurance. If you’re covered and an accident happens, you’ll pay for the cost of the repair work and later submit a claim to be refunded.

Claims take an average of 3 business days to be approved after submission. Then, the client receives an email with information about the payment asking for the bank account details. According to RentalCover, the payment is issued immediately, but it may take up to 5 days depending on where you live and where you rented the car.

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How is RentalCover different from insurances offered by rental companies?

The biggest difference between RentalCover and what will usually be offered to you by the rental company is the excess or deductible — which is what you would have to pay in the event of an accident with your rental car.

Sometimes, even if your rental company’s coverage is available for a competitive price, the deductible just isn’t worth it compared to RentalCover. Please note that rental companies may also offer “zero excess” insurance, so the best option is to always compare the prices and what each of them is offering.

In addition to that, RentalCover also offers coverage to items that are not insured by rental companies — such as tires, windshields, headlights, lost keys, and more. Actually, if you’ve read our post on CDW, you know that there’s a long list of things the CDW offered by rental companies don’t cover.

How much is the RentalCover insurance?

The price of the RentalCover insurance varies according to country, the vehicle type (a “normal” car and a 4×4 have different prices, of course), and more. On Rentcars.com you can find the Roadside Assistance option for as low as $15 and CDW for $24 per day.

Is RentalCover compatible with the rental company I chose?

Despite being bought separately from your car rental booking, the RentalCover coverage is compatible with any rental company in the world.

The logic is the same as travelling abroad and buying insurance that covers your luggage, for example — even though the insurer is not affiliated with the airline, it may still cover the loss or damage of your luggage.

How to add RentalCover on Rentcars.com?

If you choose to add any extra coverage by RentalCover while booking with Rentcars.com, you’ll see this option available on the Vehicle Details page, where you can double check the car model and category, rental company, price, and more. This is also where you can add extras, like an additional driver or child seat.

Under Peace of mind you’ll see the details of the options available and what they cover alongside a link to a more in depth explanation of the insurance.

screenshot of the rentalcover option available on rentcars.com

Please note that RentalCover is only available when you choose to pay online at the time of booking. If you chose to ‘Pay at the Counter’, you unfortunately won’t be able to add the insurance nor see the option we talked about above.

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